Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sore feet and aching kidneys

I am tired. My feet ache and my kidneys seem to be somewhat tender today, I got up at my normal time, let Boy out then fell into the arm chair in front of the kitchen range, l haven't really moved much at all today. Yesterday had been rather a long one, I had been up and out by eight driving the old Royce to Bramley House to meet the Bloxhams who had kindly offered me a mount for a day's hunting with the Markley. The meet was at Bramley House and l must say that the hospitality was marvelous, hot sausage rolls and pork pies plus a good little number in the port field.

There was an excellent turn out for the day's 'hack' l do think that more people are enjoying a good day out on horse back since the hunting ban has been introduced, certainly when riding to hounds across country it is a marvelous feeling seeing no cars or people on foot. I must confess that l stayed out perhaps a little too long, enjoying the glorious sunshine and the comfort of a sturdy cob, you see gone are the days when l lead the field, leaping hedges and ditches in gay abandon! So there you are, l m now suffering for my old age folly, a good glass of sloe gin will no doubt help and perhaps next time l should stick to car following. Never such a fool as an old fool, as they say.

Spring must be coming now, the seed catalogues are starting to arrive through the post and l have rather a long list of vegetables that l hope to be growing this year in my vegetable garden, last year Morris-from-the-bottom-of-the-lane gave me a packet of wonderful seeds which produced lush plants, which on Morris's advice, l added to my carrot cakes, with the most amazing results. These cakes sold out in minutes at every monthly village produce sale, it was a little strange as most of these were bought by the younger members of our community, whilst Old Blaster said that on eating my carrot cake he felt as though he could soar like the buzzard who live in the wood! Very strange. Certainly l noticed that l became very jolly after a slice or two, must have been the freshness of the eggs.


muddyboots said...

l like the sound of that carrot cake, do you have the recipe please?

Pondside said...

Your carrot cake has had the same effect on you as the brownies made by the old hippies up the hill had on me at the Christmas market. Perhaps you should have that plant checked out - isn't there a master gardener or someone with the RHS in your village?

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Hmm sounds to me if that plant may be the sort of thing they used to grow up by the old chapel here before the gendames caught them..looks a bit like a tomato leaf? Ah what a shame the hunt is now banned in England, I could not bleive it qwhen I heard. Who will keep the foxs in check now and what of the hounds?

Fantastic Forrest said...

Mrs. E!

I am so happy I discovered you. You are obviously the reincarnation of Jane Austen. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Please write more. But first rest your kidneys.

Perhaps next year I can come visit your wonderful village. I hope you'll be selling more carrot cakes then!